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LawBreakers Update 1.1

LawBreakers Update 1.1


New Additions

  • Open Stash Boxes while waiting in matchmaking lobby and queue!

Role Changes


  • Horizontal warp impulse increased 300 → 500
  • New mechanic: landing a fully charged Omega headshot now replenishes a Warp ability charge.
  • Reduced Headshot damage multiplier on TAC Knife from 1.5 → 1.25.
  • Reduced fully charged Omega max damage from 160 → 150.


  • Decreased Harrier’s Convergence ability damage per second from 500 → 400.


  • Wasp stab base damage reduced 125 → 75
  • Stab precision damage → 125

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where Gunslinger would sometime’s get stuck in a state where they could not shoot.
  • Fixed an issue where Harrier’s Shoc-Croc may not have applied damage in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where Crisper was dealing extra damage briefly after coming out of Berserk mode.
  • Enemy impulses now affect Wraith’s Wasp Stab and Slide abilities.


  • Fixed in game animdynamics on all characters – Dynamic character elements such as hair, ammo packs, and belts will now animate in game and not just in the menus.


  • Fixed an issue where selected gamepad presets wouldn’t reset to default correctly.


  • Updated text for supported languages to fix issues related to achievements, scoring events, and menus.

General Additions/Improvements

  • Greatly improved match filling logic – Most cases where a game was unable to fill to 5 players have been addressed.


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