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Guns Up! Update 2.03

Guns Up! Update 2.03

Guns Up!

For current players of Guns Up!, update 2.03 is coming soon and includes these changes:


  • Retaliation now shows a preview of the enemy base
  • Added Last Stand command cards
  • Added server maintenance notifications


  • Fixed graphical issues with icons in ‘Customization’ UI
  • Fixed pathfinding issue that lead to units being unable to move further
  • Fixed audio issue at end of CPU Defend and Wave Defend
  • Improved response time of in-game leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some players to re-play the tutorial and get stuck
  • Fixed exploit in CPU Defend, all leaderboard scores earned before 2.03 will be capped at 20 minutes.
  • General bug fixing

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