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GRID Autosport team focusing on handling

Which can “make or break” a racing game

GRID Autosport is the next racer from Codemasters, and according to the latest developer blog, the team is focusing at the moment on car handling around the tracks.

According to the development blog, with handling in racing games, if you get it wrong it can “quite literally make or break the game.”

“On the one hand we have a solid, authentic handling model,” said Codies. “On the other hand, we have a new improved handling model, which we created following feedback from our community, and which we’ve tested with Autosport magazine journalists, members of the team and racing drivers. We love it, it’s a big improvement. So, simple decision right? Just pull the trigger and make it happen?

“Well, to understand why this decision is creating the wringing of hands and tense glances around the room, you’d need to know a bit more about the way in which our handling model is linked to the rest of the game. It’s no secret that we take huge pride in our AI within Racing Studio, and the process involved in making human-like AI on track is extremely labour-intensive.”

The blog goes on to note how car handling with Open Wheel cars and some of the American Muscle cars, “need a complete rethink”with the teams’s model.

If you like racing games, you should give it a read.

GRID: Autosport launches on June 27

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