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PS Store Flash Sale

PS Store Flash Sale: $5 Games this Weekend

May Flash Sale

TitleSale PriceOriginal Price
Arcania The Complete Tale$4.99$29.99
BioShock 2$4.99$19.99
Duke Nukem Forever$4.99$19.99
Fat Princess$4.99$14.99
GTA IV$4.99$19.99
Guacamelee! PS Vita$4.99$14.99
Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days$4.99$19.99
LA Noire$4.99$29.99
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light$4.99$14.99
Max Payne 3$4.99$19.99
Midnight Club LA Complete Edition$4.99$19.99
Mini Ninjas$4.99$19.99
Mortal Kombat$4.99$19.99
MX vs ATV: Alive$4.99$19.99
Red Dead Redemption$4.99$29.99
Red Faction Armageddon$4.99$19.99
Spec Ops: The Line$4.99$29.99
The Mark of Kri$4.99$9.99
The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief$4.99$29.99
The Flash Sale starts now and ends Monday, May 5th at 12:00 PM Pacific. 

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