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The Dig: Uncovering the Atari E.T

Buried copies of failed movie game E.T. have been found

Atari 2600 copies of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial have been discovered in the Almagordo, New Mexico desert. IGN is on site and snapping photos of the excavation. Check out a screenshot, right here:

The dig itself is part of an upcoming documentary that will be released exclusively on Xbox One by the newly formed Xbox Entertainment Studios. Directing the film is Avengers and X-Men 2 writer, Zak Penn.

The myth of the buried games was still in question just before the dig began; Zak Penn told IGN, "Other than garbage and the truth, I have no idea what we'll find. I think that's what's exciting, we won't know exactly what's down there until they start digging."

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