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First Mirror's Edge 2 details emerge -- rumor

The first set of details for the new entry in the DICE-developed, freerunning first-person adventure series, Mirror’s Edge, has been unearthed, if the folks over at videogame website Rocket Chainsaw are anything to go by.

The upcoming prequel has been the suspect of unending speculation following its reveal back in 2012, and Rocket Chainsaw has apparently viewed an in-development video of the game which has given way to a slew of brand-spanking new details, which can be seen below.

- Mirror’s Edge 2’s E3 teaser reveal was real-time and for the most part unscripted – the video is allegedly on par with the reveal in terms of the combat system and environments.

- PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC are the targeted platforms.

- Mirror’s Edge 2 is a complete reboot.

- Open-world, with a living, breathing city to explore.

- The game will feature a persistent ‘always online’ aspect, with other players dropping in/out of the game seamlessly. Thatgamecompany’s ‘Journey’ given as the closest example to this component.

- Co-op and competitive modes, such as time trials, will also be present.

- Faith will still be without any sort of armoury and will face up against a plethora of new enemies, some of which will be on equal footing in terms of free-running; standard Protectors, gun-wielding Enforcers and combat Sentinels will also be present.

- The combat system has been completely revamped, deviating away from the one-use gun mechanics and single-punch buttons. Instead, the focus lies on speed and fluidity, with far greater emphasis on use of the environment. Faith can now push, kick, punch enemies over desks, tables, fences and railings. These interactions are combined with 1-2-3 fighting combos and wall runs, flips and other such moves. Slow-motion will also play a part, albeit minimally, and does lay claim to some rather fetching sequences.

- Despite the revamped combat system, DICE is trying to emphasis the importance of fluidity and avoidance, citing the game as more racing-based rather than combat-orientated. As a result it’s imperative to master the environment and it is hoped that the combat falls into that category, where you’re righting the armed forces while still on the go and still interacting with the environment.

- The game’s slated for a 2016 release. So it’s best to get a cup of tea and a nice position on the couch, as it’s going to be a long wait.

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