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Wreckfest Update 1.11

Wreckfest Update


Wreckfest Was Released on August 27, 2019, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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PS4 Version 1.11 & XB1 Version


  • Improved title stability.
  • Optimized mesh particle performance on all platforms.
  • Optimized performance of the 4K display mode.


  • Added upgrade tier icons for armor and visual upgrade parts as well.
  • Improved icons of the upgrade parts and replaced inconsistent ones.
  • In career, changed "Stars" to "Bonus Targets" for consistency reasons.
  • Health bar no longer shows full health when the player has two points of health left.
  • Proper button icons are now shown in the user interface when using keyboard and mouse.


  • Loaner cars are now available in custom events as well.
  • Added new racing and demolition derby loaner cars.
  • Both Sofa Car and Harvester can be loaned now too.
  • Visual props no longer get detached from the slightest nudge.
  • In career, "Sandpit Showdown" now has the correct number of events.


  • Added a variety of new event rotations for most server types.
  • The player intended by the user is now correctly selected when opening the context menu.
  • Chat (event log) no longer stops working intermittently.

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