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Wreckfest Update 1.06 and First DLC out today

Wreckfest Retro Rammers Car Pack out today


New Content 

  • Wingman: The huge American classic Tailfin car from the late 1950s is the perfect choice for derbies and figure 8 tracks.
  • Buggy: This classic European design with a rear engine feels right at home on twisty tracks.
  • Bumper Car: Carnage at the Carnival! The world's fastest bumper car makes your dreams come true - Ram hard.

Here is the list for the Update:


  • Car Pack 1 is now available.


  • Game no longer occasionally crashes during initial loading.


  • Game no longer crashes after 5-6 hours of continuous playing.


  • Lawnmower and other ragdoll vehicles can no longer be controlled without the driver


  • Added one new alternative controller preset.

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