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Thrustmaster Reveals New Wheel Add-Ons

Thrustmaster Reveals New Wheel Add-Ons


Here Are The New Wheels:

Sparco P310

  • Price: €199.99
  • 1:1 scale replica of the highly-coveted Sparco P310 wheel, officially licensed by Sparco. 
  • 12.2 inches/31 cm in diameter, wrapped in black suede. Carbon-style button supports, inspired by real race cars.

Open Wheel

  • BT LED display Comparability.
  • Compact size (11 inches/28 cm in diameter).
  • Price: €129.99

Both add-ons are compatible with the existent ecosystem From T300 to T-GT

Pre-orders start next month, with availability beginning mid-April for the Open Wheel and late June for the P310.

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