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Fortnite Update 1.5

Fortnite Update 1.5




  • Performance improvements for:Building indicators
  • Floating damage numbers
  • Player movement and camera
  • Made “Selected Building Type” key binding also copy the highlighted building piece’s configuration.
  • Updated live streaming quest rewards.Replaced 500 Hero XP reward with 1 Mini Llama.
  • Subscriber Quests now award 1 Mini Llama plus 100 Storm Tickets.
  • Improved load times on Mac.


  • Adding a second EMT Survivor and Fire Team Alpha Survivor into the initial “Unlock Survivor Squads” node.
  • Four slots in which Survivors can be placed are now available very early in the skill tree.
  • Changed how stagger/stun/knockdown resistance functions for mid-sized enemies (Husky Husks, Blaster, Flinger).
  • We increased the rate at which enemies regenerate Stability to partially compensate for this change.
  • Adjusted several of the lighter, faster-firing Shotguns so that they stagger enemies instead of knocking them down.
  • Especially if the enemies hit are not at close range.
  • Increased the impact dealt by most types of Assault Rifles and Pistols.
  • You can no longer increase the durability of Explosive weapon schematics.
  • Durability improvements on existing explosive weapon schematics have been replaced with increased damage improvements.
  • Durability bonuses have been rebalanced
  • “Play with Others” matchmaking improved.Corrected an issue caused by selecting “Quest Progression” under “Play with Others.”
  • Previously did not load you into a mission.
  • The Quick Play option now places players into the zones with the highest power level they are eligible to play in.
  • The same applies for mission alerts.
  • The Custom option allows players to select a difficulty .
  • It defaults to the difficulty range that matches the current party homebase power.
  • Reduced the cost of many transformation recipes.
  • Piles of refined wood/stone/metal now drop more materials based on their size.
  • Improved loot from defending downed satellites.
  • Reduced Ore and Crystal quest reward quantities across the board.
  • Evolving basic survivors will now require less Drops of Rain and other materials.
  • Significantly increased reward scaling with difficulty throughout all zones.
  • Increased experience reward scaling when opening higher level chests throughout all zones.
  • Increased Survivor XP Quest Rewards across the board.
  • Players who have already completed these Quests prior to this update will be granted the additional Survivor XP.


  • “The Van or Astro-van?” Quest now awards 10 Pure Drops of Rain in addition to the existing Jump Pad rewards.
  • Players who have already completed this Quest prior to this update will also receive this additional reward.
  • Replaced the Handmade Ruler Sword schematic with the Handmade Semi-Auto Handgun schematic as the tutorial reward.
  • The “Ride the Lightning” quest now awards the Handmade Ruler Sword schematic in addition to the Handmade Healing Pad schematic.
  • Weapon/Trap Evolution tutorial quest now becomes available after “Van or Astro-van?” Quest is completed.
  • This should reduce confusion since the Weapon/Trap Evolution quest could potentially become available before the player is capable of completing it
  • Increased the recommended build limit in Repair the Shelter and Evacuate the Shelter missions by 25.
  • Primary Mission icons are now more clearer the full-screen map.

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