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Killing Floor 2 Summer Update

Killing Floor 2 Summer Update

Killing Floor 2

Introducing Summer SideShow Zeds Including

  • The Bearded Lady
  • The Strong Pound
  • The Monkey Man
  • Pukey The Clown
  • And More!

New Map – The Tragic Kingdom

  • Including interactive traps – if you want to use them keep the power on!

New Mini Games With Prizes (Join the Tragic Kingdom Cleanup Crew by winning the official uniform)

  • Pop The Clot
  • Dunk The Bloat
  • Feed The Pound

8 Weekly Outbreaks With Prizes

  • Bobble Zed – That can’t be good for their necks
  • Beefcake – The bigger they are, the harder you fall
  • Boom – Under Pressure; may explode
  • Zed Time – All the Zed Time in the world
  • Up, Up, and Decay – Try to make 99 Death Balloons
  • Poundemonium – All Fleshpounds, all the time, even the boss….
  • Tiny Terror – A small threat is still a threat

2 New Weapons

  • SPX 464 Centerfire
  • HZ 12 Shotgun

New Cosmetics

  • Unlockable Sideshow Cosmetic Items
  • New Bundles: Hazmat Uniform Bundle, Horzine Mark 7 Uniform Bundle
  • New Crate Items: Firefighter Cosmetic set

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