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Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Wildlands Update

Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Wildlands Update 

Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Wildlands

HUD and UI Improvements
Improvements to the HUD include splitting several broad HUD options into a wider variety of more granular options. Please note that some of these were already implemented on the TU 3.5 update for PC, but are now fully and officially implemented across all platforms:
  • “Contextual Actions” has been split from “Input Reminders”
  • The “Markers” HUD option has been split into six distinct types of markers, each of which can be toggled on or off—”Objective markers”, “communication markers” “enemy/rebels markers” “Item & location markers” “sync shot” “alert markers”
  • A new option has been introduced to toggle detection clouds on the minimap
  • Additionally, deactivating the Sync Shot HUD markers will no longer prevent your AI teammates from using the Sync Shot ability! These improvements, and more, are listed below.

  • In Nidia’s Cash: Fixed a bug where the rebels wouldn’t follow the player; Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t interact with the laptop again after being killed while using it
  • In Madre Coca: Fixed a bug where the rebels wouldn’t enter their cars if affected by external stimuli
  • In General Baro: Fixed a bug where killing the general before reaching the meeting point would not result in a game over, preventing player progression
  • In The Bank Heist: Fixed a bug where the wrong path would be displayed on the GPS
  • In The Mole: Fixed a bug where the mission couldn’t progress if the Mole was affected by an external stimuli
  • Fixed a bug where the player would be prompted with “Mission Failed” after triggering a Rebellion Rising convoy while having another main mission active
  • Fixed various other triggers preventing or disrupting mission completion

User Interface
  • The Kingslayer intro video no longer triggers at each boot
  • Fixed a bug where HUD elements would appear greyed-out when activating HDR
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong character would be displayed when selecting a different save slot
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect maintenance time would be displayed in the notifications
  • Fixed a bug where the difficulty setting would change for each save slot instead of remembering -player preferences for every slot
  • Fixed a bug where the “NEW” marker would remain active on already-owned inventory items
  • Added in-game time & latitude/longitude information to the tacmap
  • Fixed a gunsmith bug where the attachments would appear offset
Added new options in the HUD settings :
  • “Input reminders” was split into “Input reminders” and “contextual actions”
  • “Markers” was split into “Objective markers,” “communication markers,” “enemy/rebels markers,” “Item & location markers,” “sync shot,” and “alert markers”
  • Added “Detection clouds” – the players can now turn off the enemy detection clouds on the MINIMAP

  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t finish the final mission if hot-joining after the first mission steps have been completed by another player
  • Fixed a bug where only the host would have a GPS trail in the first mission
  • Added the possibility for players to warn their teammates that they’re down
  • Players will now redeploy at the mission starting point when dying instead of respawning randomly in the world

  • Fixed a gunsmith bug where the player couldn’t edit any other weapon than the last used
  • Fixed a bug where the rebel skills would re-lock if entering main menu during cooldown
  • Fixed a bug where the helicopters wouldn’t attack the rebel radios when the player is hiding
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a suppressor in the gunsmith would consume a full magazine when returning in-game
  • Players can now equip the handgun by double-tapping the button even when all weapons are holstered
  • Fixed a bug where the AI teammates couldn’t perform a sync shot when markers where deactivated in the HUD
  • Fixed diversion grenades not working when the enemies are investigating the player’s position
  • Fixed a bug where resources could be tagged twice if killed while claiming them
  • Resource crates are now granted upon collection to every teammate in the player’s zone
  • Improved aim consistency when shooting behind cover
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs wouldn’t detect the player when swimming next to them
  • Rebel skills now have separate cooldowns timers
  • In stealth missions, players now have a short time to kill alerted enemies to avoid failing the mission
  • Challenges now include different goals based on difficulty and HUD settings
  • Fixed a bug where the Unidad would stop spawning even if the alert level is still active
  • Fixed a bug where the SVD sniper scopes would be misaligned when switching between zoomed in and over the shoulder

  • Fixed some NPC Dialogue barks: Incoming Grenade, Entering combat, Chopper down
  • Added some NPC Dialogue barks: Destroying alarm panel, Chopper reinforcement incoming
  • Radios will remain on/off from vehicle to vehicle according to the last player input
  • Fixed a bug where picking up a medal could trigger the same dialogue twice in the same session
  • Fixed a bug where the “missile incoming” sound would remain active when the player jumped from the helicopter
  • Fixed a bug where no SFX would be played when equipping suppressors

  • Various animations polished
  • Various camera transitions polished
  • Fixed a bug where dead enemies’ weapons would get stuck in walls

  • Fixed several walls through which the players could be spotted and shot
  • Fixed several spots where the player could get stuck or fall through the map
  • Fixed a bug where traffic vehicles would sink into the ground or jump when crossing bridges
  • Repositioned some items that were impossible to pick up
  • Something was seen roaming the mountains

  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed various connectivity issues

Narco Road
  • Fixed an issue where perma-boost from SP was not available on PS4
  • Fixed a bug where the player would lose main game progression when entering the DLC
  • Fixed a bug where one player driving an air spray plane could trigger another player’s air spray
  • Fixed a bug where using nitro for an extended period of time could create graphical corruption
  • Fixed a bug where an air spray activity could fail with no reason
  • Fixed a bug where the spy percentage would not progress after a mission failure
  • Fixed a bug where the activity vehicles would only spawn for the first player
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed various installation bugs
  • Fixed various network bugs


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