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Rocket League Update 1.34

Rocket League Update 1.34

Rocket League

New Content


  • “Neo Tokyo” has been updated with a Standard Arena layout, and is now available in all Playlists
  • The original “Neo Tokyo” has been renamed “Tokyo Underpass,” and is available to play in offline and private matches


  • Nitro Crate has been added
  • When received, the Nitro Crate will display as “Crate – Nitro” in your inventory

Community Flags

  • The Loot Crate Community Flag has been added

Rocket League Pull-Back Racers

Select Pull-Back Racers will come with one code redeemable for a set of two exclusive in-game items:
  • Original Minis Pull-Back Racers will be on sale later this Spring, and then codes can be redeemed via the Redeem Code button in the Extras menu
  • Exclusive Rocket Trail: Cold Fusion
  • Exclusive Wheels: ZT-17

Bug Fixes


  • [Steam] Fixed an issue where toggling Motion Blur on and off would cause a game crash
  • [Console] Light Shafts will no longer automatically re-enable if disabled in Video section of the Options Menu
  • [Steam] Vertical Sync will no longer automatically re-enable if disabled in Video section of the Options Menu
  • Rocket Trails viewed in the Garage when playing Splitscreen no longer display diagonally: Fixed Rocket Trails include: Alpha (Gold Rush), Bubbles, Cold Fusion, Datastream, Flamethrower, Frostbite, Helios, Hexphase, Hydro, Ink, Netherworld, Plasma, Slime, Snowflakes, Standard (All Colors), Treasure
  • Fixed an issue causing some glowing wheels to look incorrect when Painted. This fix affects the following wheels: Photon, Septem, Troika, and Voltaic
  • Side Boost locations on DFH Stormy, Urban Central, Urban Central (Dawn), and Urban Central (Night) now match those found in other standard arenas
  • Bunny Ears now flop in the correct direction
  • The “CCCXL” Decal for Ice Charger is now correctly named “CDXL”
  • Earned Assists now correctly display in the Leaderboards
  • The Ball Indicator now correctly displays on “Mannfield (Night)”
  • [Xbox One] The “Registered Voter” achievement has been fixed

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