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Nioh Update 1.10

Nioh Update 1.10



  • Added the Asakura, Mogami, and Gamo clans to Clan Battles
  • Added Combat Titles for the new clans
  • Increased storage space from 2000 slots to 4000 slots
  • Added “+ Value” as a sort option for equipment

PvP-Related Adjustments

  • Implemented countermeasures against cheating via data manipulation in PvP battles
  • Changed the rules for 1v1 battles so that exceeding the time limit now counts as a loss for bother players regardless of the current win/loss count. In addition to this chance, the time limit has been increased from 100 seconds to 300 seconds
  • In PvP battles, all players’ Guardian Spirits are now set to the same level

The Following Changes Have Been Made to 1v1 Stages:

  • The boundaries of Dojo: Spring have been limited to indoors
  • Usuki, The Fishing Village has been added
  • Dazaifu Shrine has been added
  • The Underworld has been removed
  • The Meadow has been removed

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