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MLB The Show 17 Update 1.05

MLB The Show 17 Update 1.05

MLB The Show 17

Here’s the patch notes:

Online Gameplay

  • Various improvements made to online gameplay stability.
  • Challenge of the Week live scores will now update correctly.
  • MLB teams with Matte helmets now display properly in Diamond Dynasty.

Offline and Online Gameplay

  • Corrected an issue within Franchise Mode where position players were occasionally displayed on the pitching league leaderboard in the ticket bar.
  • Fixed a crash that would rarely happen when more than 200 people are scheduled to retire during the offseason.
  • Pitchers will no longer be pulled too soon during games with quick counts enabled.
  • Minor adjustments to Road to the Show narration commentary.
  • Balanced the success rate of sacrifice bunts and bunts against the shift.
  • Fixed an issue where the Short Stop would be facing the wrong direction in specific tagging situations.

Universal Profile

  • Universal profile MVP icon now unlocks correctly.


  • Corrected an issue within the Polo grounds where an inaccurate Home Run was being called down the LF HR wall.
  • Fixed corrupt textures in Old Miami stadium during night games.


  • Fixed an issue where the icon and name-plate would not display for some players in Game-rooms.
  • Adjustments made to Home Run celebrations, and running trots.
  • Retuned the sound effects of a bat making contact with the ball.
  • Many consumer crash reports were addressed. (Thank you for those reports!)
  • Various other minor bug fixes and adjustments made throughout the game.

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