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Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.38

Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.38 

Grand Theft Auto V
Here’s the patch note:

New Content

  • Special Vehicle Races have been added to GTA Online. Special Vehicle Races are a new set of Stunt Races that utilize the Special Vehicles from Import/Export. These can either be launched via the Pause Menu Job list or by entering one of the new Special Race Series triggers in Freemode.
  • A new vehicle has been added to GTA Online, available for purchase from Legendary Motorsport – Progen GP1

New Features/Updates

  • Three new Special Race Series triggers have been added to GTA Online. These use the same functionality as the Stunt Series triggers added with Cunning Stunts but feature the new Special Races.
  • A new “Aggregate Position” option has been added to the Races. When active, every player in the race is presented with a bar that fills at different speeds depending on which position the player is in. When this option is enabled in a Lap Race, the Race ends when one player has completely filled their bar; in a Point to Point Race, the player with the most filled bar at the end of the Race is the winner.
  • Changes have been made to the Dynasty8 Executive website. Players are now presented with a button that reads “Add 2nd Garage Floor”, “Add 3rd Garage Floor” and “Add Custom Auto Shop” when attempting to buy any of the three. Previously, players had to check a small box to add any of these to their total.
  • Heist vehicles now have a ‘Buy It Now’ This option works similarly to that offered with the Import/Export Special Vehicles. If players do not want to complete each vehicle’s associated Heist and wish to buy the vehicles immediately, they can use the new “Buy it Now” option and purchase the vehicle at an increased price.
  • Heist equipment is now no longer locked behind the requirement of completing each item’s relevant Heist. This includes the following gear available for purchase at Ammu-Nation: Rebreather, Night Vision, LCD Earpiece
  • The following vehicles are no longer locked behind Rank requirements: Rhino Tank, Annihilator Helicopter, Buzzard Helicopter, Dubsta 6×6
  • The camera when riding the Blazer Aqua now retains whatever it is set to before going on water. Previously, the camera was forced to change into third person from first person when going onto water.
  • The amount of Stunt Series triggers has been reduced from 8 to 3.
  • Secondary Checkpoints in Stunt Races are now yellow, these were previously orange.
  • A new “Parachute” option can be found in Ruiner 2000 Special Race lobbies that lets players choose their Ruiner 2000 parachute. These new parachutes cannot be applied to personal Ruiner 2000s and are only available with the stock Ruiner 2000 made available in Special Races.
  • A new “No Livery” option has been added to the “Livery” section of the car selection screen in Races.
  • The weekly active Time Trial update now occurs every Tuesday. This previously updated every Monday.
  • Players can now change the color of a prop in the Creator with L1 / R1 (PS4) or LB / RB (Xbox One).

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