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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Update 1.11

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Update 1.11  

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Here’s the patch notes:

Featured Content and What’s New

  • Emblem Editor
  • Master Prestige Ranks
  • 20 additional Prestige Ranks
Each new Prestige Rank grants permanent bonuses. Bonuses include:
  • Extra XP from challenges (including Camo challenges)
  • The ability for Classic weapons to earn De-Atomizer Strikes
  • Extra starting ammo for Classic weapons
  • Additional XP for using MKII weapons
  • As well as new rank icons, Emblems, and Permanent Unlock Tokens

General Fixes

  • Fix to enemy names not always appearing on-screen during Killcam
  • Audio fixes for Intel Logs in Campaign
  • Fixes to party indicators not appearing properly
  • Audio fixes for MP and Zombies when having two profiles logged in on PS4
  • Gun Perk: Readiness – now reloads faster when mag is low instead of when mag is empty
  • Fix for the Weapon Level Up indicator not displaying properly mid-match
  • Camo adjustments for the Hailstorm
  • Fix for the Axe not appearing properly in the player’s hands when using the Synaptic’s Rushdown Trait
  • Fix for the Synaptic using a different gesture instead of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” when viewing in 3rd person
  • Various map fixes
  • Fix for an issue where trophy systems could deflect a passed Uplink or Defender drone
  • Fixed an issue where enemy scorestreak callouts would not play in FFA
  • Fix for a bug where the Rigs would be facing the wrong direction in the Winner’s Circle

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