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PlayStation Communities app helps you find teammates

PlayStation Communities app helps you find teammates  

Designed to keep you in touch with other PlayStation 4 gamers when you aren’t near your console, the PlayStation Communities app lets you view community profiles, see a list of communities you’re a member of, see who else is in your community, discover and join new communities, and post text and images to the community wall. The app also offers recommendations based on the games you’ve played and highlights which communities are trending.

“PlayStation Communities are places where you can find players who have similar interests and preferences,” Sony’s John Koller said. “Within a Community, you can join parties and launch into games with other Community members, or talk about your shared interests. For instance, if you’re having trouble finding players to tackle Destiny’s newest raid, Wrath of the Machine, a Destiny community may help you fill out your fireteam.”
The app is now live on iOS and Android

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