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No Man’s Sky Gets Update 1.13

No Man’s Sky Gets Update 1.13

No Man’s Sky

Changes Found so Far:

  • You can now place the hanging light ring decoration on ceilings and floors. (I could never get this decoration to work anywhere)
  • So far I haven’t been able to get the bug that causes items like your jetpack or shielding to be sent to your spaceship inventory, requiring a restart to fix. However, this was always inconsistent.
  • You can no longer hear the madness inducing sounds of plants growing over intergalactic distances. (Except Rhubarb, you can still hear Rhubarb)

Things not changed:

  • Grass still grows in cuboid buildings, and over pavement.
  • Base limits have not increased.
  • No new missions / recipes from specialists in base.
  • None of the value or material costs of the foundation patch “curiosity” components have changed. IE, Lubricant still sells for 39k and takes 40 Mordite to create.
  • You still get equal material costs for destroying things like signal scanners, save points, etc as you do deleting them,
  • You can still build a free Landing pad in your base if you have a small amount of Candensium and Antrium in your inventory. Deleting it gives you free items.
  • Cuboid rooms in freighter bases still become awkwardly “unaligned” over time, making walls randomly appear, or passages no longer connect.
  • Still no easy way to transfer inventory back from freighter to starship. You must talk to the captain and listen to him sing Lambchop’s Song that Never Ends while managing your inventory.


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