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Destiny Update 2.5

Destiny Update 2.5


Here’s the full list of patch:


  • New Quests are available in the Tower from Eva Levante, Amanda Holliday, and Commander Zavala
  • A new Record Book is available offering new rewards for the Winter season
  • Fixed an issue where some players did not receive the Student of History Trophy/Achievement or Sigil of the Young Wolf Emblem for attuning all of the Rise of Iron Artifacts
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to complete the Echoes of the Past Quest


Sparrow Racing League

  • 2 new racetracks have been added to the 2 returning from last year
  • Bounties and Quests are available from Amanda Holliday
  • SRL License Quest progress has been reset and new rewards have been added
  • Circuit racing gear obtained from the SRL License Quest now has Light and can be infused
  • SRL Reputation has been reset to Rank 0
  • Players can obtain an SRL helmet from Amanda Holliday at Rank 3 (1 per character)
  • Players can obtain a Treasures of the Dawning from Amanda Holliday at Rank 5 (1 per character, max 3 per account)
  • SRL Racing Suits earned from SRL matches have Light and can be infused
  • SRL can be launched via the Weekly Featured playlist in the director
  • Crucible bounties and Jolly Holliday Quest can no longer be completed in Sparrow Racing


  • Strikes in the SIVA Crisis Playlist, SIVA Crisis Heroic Playlist, and weekly Nightfall now award Medals and feature team scoring: Acquire new Bounties from Zavala and the Bounty Tracker to complete in any Scored Strike
  • 3 Strikes have been reprised: The Nexus, Shadow Thief, and Will of Crota
  • SIVA Crisis and SIVA Crisis Heroic Playlists now include all platform-available Strikes
  • Dead Guardians are now automatically respawned at the end of Strikes
  • Fixed an issue with pathfinding that caused enemies to not properly exit their spawn locations: This prevents enemies in the Will of Crota Strike from getting stuck in their doorways
  • Reduced Burn effects on incoming damage done to Guardians: Outgoing damage by Guardians is unchanged
  • Fixed an issue in Fallen S.A.B.E.R. where the Ultra Shank teleported after it’s entrance performance
  • Fixed an issue where Strike Streak was not applying in the SIVA Crisis Heroic Playlist correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Hoard Chest on Echo Chamber could become stuck behind an invisible barrier
  • Increased time for presenting Archon’s Forge offerings to the encounter starting from 5 to 10 seconds
  • Iron Lord Bounties requiring Archon’s Forge completions now influence the type of Forge offerings that drop: Forge offerings will be more likely to drop with the combatant type to match the Iron Lord bounties in the player’s inventory
  • Reduced Shields for Bosses in Perfected Shank offerings


  • The Circuit and Momentum SRL racing gear sets have been added to the Holiday Collection for players who have earned these items
  • Circuit and Momentum Racing gear obtained from the Collection has Light and can be infused
  • Class items have Light and Perks and require Legendary Marks to purchase
  • Ghost Ghost and Deviled Ghost have been added to the Holiday Collection for players who have obtained these items: Players can pay Legendary Marks to re-purchase these items with random stats and Perks
  • Two new Emotes, “Proposal” and “Whoa There”, can now be withdrawn by everyone from the Emote Collection



  • Xûr once again sells Exotic Shards
  • Xûr no longer sells Exotic Weapon Ornaments
  • Xûr now sells a larger stack of 10 Heavy Ammo synths


  • Eververse has received a stock of new items
  • Treasures of the Dawning are now available and contain new Sparrows, Ornaments, Horns, Armor, and Consumables
  • Players can receive one free Treasures of the Dawning each week by completing their first weekly Heroic Strike
  • Completing a Dawning set from Treasures of the Dawning on one class will grant the “EV-53 Glimmergold” Sparrow and the “Sunglow” Shader
  • Nine new winter Emotes are available for sale for the winter season
  • Rise of Iron’s fall Emotes have been added to the direct purchase Emote rotation on Eververse

Silver Dust Store

  • A new Silver Dust Store has been added to the Tower. It is a Collection that can be found in the Tower, between Eververse and the Postmaster: This Collection sells a selection of past season items for direct purchase for Silver Dust, including Exotic Weapon Ornaments
  • The Silver Dust cost to apply Exotic Weapon Ornaments has been removed: Silver Dust has been removed from Radiant Treasures, but still may be obtained by dismantling Exotic Weapon Ornaments


  • The free weekly Radiant Treasure has been moved to the first weekly PVP match completion.
  • Characters who are level 40 will now automatically convert Uncommon Engrams (Green) to Weapon and Armor Materials on pickup
  • New Bounties are available from Petra to assist players in gaining Queen’s Wrath Reputation
  • Class items obtained from Queen’s Wrath packages now correctly display their stats
  • Fixed an issue where Year 3 Faction Class Items were not properly contributing to Faction specific Quests
  • Players can now purchase Wormspore from the Vanguard Quartermaster
  • Brother Vance now offers materials exchange for Passage Coins and Motes of Light
  • Skeleton Keys have been adjusted:
  • Skeleton Keys drop rates have been slightly increased in the SIVA Crisis playlist, SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist, and weekly Nightfall
  • Players will now receive a Skeleton Key for their first account Nightfall clear per week
  • Subclass Quest class items can now be repurchased from the Speaker once earned
  • Legendary Weapons obtained from the Gunsmith’s Rank 2 Quest can now be repurchased from the Gunsmith



  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in Vex geometry on The Burning Shrine


  • Added ability for players to “wave off” heavy ammo if EVERYONE in the match does the ‘Wave’ Emote in the first 30 seconds of a round
  • Fixed an issue where the end-of-round countdown could play twice if the round tied in Elimination
  • Inferno Rift and Inferno Zone Control modes added to Private Matches
  • Supremacy score to win is now 120
  • Rumble Supremacy score to win is now 40
  • Supremacy Mercy spread is now 20-60, down from 30-90
  • Slight reduction of Super energy gain in Supremacy modes


  • Icarus has been removed from the Rift playlist

Record Book

  • Fixed an issue where Supremacy mode variants were not counting towards Record Book completion


  • Iron Banner Bounty Iron Marathon now correctly awards 10 points for a win instead of 15
  • Iron Banner Bounty Iron Support no longer credits you with assists that any nearby player earns
  • Fixed an issue where the Highest Score Crucible Bounty did not work in Supremacy
  • Lord Shaxx no longer requires players to complete The Mountaintop before offering his Weekly Crucible Bounties


  • Increased the drop rate for Trials of Osiris vanity items
  • Fixed a issue where the Trials of Osiris Shader “The Devoted” was not obtainable
  • Increased the drop rate for Iron Banner vanity items and Artifacts
  • Completing a Daily Featured Crucible activity now rewards 3 Passage Coins (up from 1)
  • Completing a Weekly Featured Crucible activity now rewards 3 Passage Coins (up to 3 times per week)
  • Fixed an issue where the Crucible Sparrow S-39 Lightrider was not available through Crucible Reputation Packages
  • Added vanity items and Ghost Shells to Crucible PGCR drops:
  • Ghosts: Crimson Shell, Sugary Shell
  • Emblem: Crimson Crest
  • Shaders: Rosebright, Valentine
  • Added select Year 2 Crucible Legendary Weapons back to core PGCR drops:
  • Red Spectre
  • NL Shadow 701X
  • The Ash Factory
  • Eyasluna
  • Party Crasher +1


  • Fixed an issue where the “Efrideet” Grimoire Card was not awarded upon viewing the Iron Banner Efrideet cinematic: If you have already viewed this cinematic, the card will be awarded upon entering orbit
  • Fixed an issue where the “Beauty in Destruction” Grimoire Card was not being rewarded for completing the “Beauty in Destruction” questline: If you have already obtained the Year 3 Gjallarhorn, the card will be awarded upon entering orbit
  • Fixed an issue where Grimoire Cards associated with Khvostov Manual Pages were not being awarded, including the final page: If you have already completed the “We Found a Rifle” Questline and acquired the Y3 Khvostov, these cards will be awarded upon entering orbit
  • Fixed an issue where Grimoire Cards for Year 1 Thorn and Year 1 Gjallarhorn were not being awarded when receiving their Year 3 counterparts
  • Fixed an issue where Grimoire cards awarded when picking up Dormant SIVA Clusters were awarding Grimoire score for each character who picked them up: You will now appropriately only receive Grimoire score credit once per account per card
  • Picking up Dormant SIVA Clusters will now appropriately award their corresponding card: Cards will be awarded upon entering orbit for Dormant SIVA Clusters that have already been picked up
  • Fixed an issue where Grimoire Cards for Crucible maps were not consistently unlocking when players spawned in Private Matches

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