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WWE 2K17 Update 1.01

WWE 2K17 Update 1.01

WWE 2K17


  • Addressed exploits with a number of moves that were uninterruptible so that they can now be interrupted
  • Addressed an issue in which reversed Finishers still counted for scoring during Finisher Matches
  • Fixed issues where interrupting certain moves could cause the interrupted Superstar to appear to float
  • Fixed issues that could cause a Superstar to get out of the ring in match types for which gameplay is confined to the ring (e.g. Steel Cage Match, Inferno Match)
  • Fixed a warping issue that could occur when sidling around the ring corner near an upright ladder
  • Fixed issues with certain moves consuming an improper number of Finisher icons when performed
  • Fixed a warping issue that occurred when performing ladder diving moves on a wedged or leaning ladder
  • Fixed an issue with title stability loading into a 40-man ROYAL RUMBLE match
  • Fixed issues with moves that caused an attacking Superstar to run in place indefinitely if the path was blocked by a table or ladder
  • Fixed several clipping and warping issues that occurred performing moves when the attacking Superstar’s path was blocked by a table or ladder
  • Fixed a floating issue that occurred when reversing an OMG! move on the announce table

WWE Creations: Move-Set

  • Added damage indicator for affected limbs for several moves that were not displaying the indicator

WWE Universe

  • The user can now create the “Favorite VS. Undertaker: Championship Confrontation” story
  • Fixed issues with Superstar appearance in certain cut scenes

Downloadable Content

  • Made a number of essential fixes and updates related to functionality for the “WWE 2K17 Legends Pack” downloadable content ahead of release.

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