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Rocket League Update 1.23

Rocket League Update 1.23

Rocket League

Bug Fixes


  • Xbox One framerate / performance issue has been resolved.
  • Certified and Painted item drops will no longer appear as Common items until the game has been restarted.
  • Rumble Mode: Using the Grappling Hook or Plunger on the ball as it enters the goal and explodes will no longer cause the game to lag and/or crash to the main menu.

Rocket Trail audio issues have been resolved

  • “Doppler Effect” for local players has been removed.
  • Audio pitch for non-local players has been reduced.

Changes and Updates


  • Rumble servers now include the “Octagon” and “Pillars” Rocket Labs maps in the random map selection.
Xbox One players may still encounter issues with Achievements following this update.

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