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Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.2

Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.2

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Below, you’ll find the list of the issues that the studio is targeting with update 1.2.
  • Fixing the weapon talent Balanced to work as it was initially designed. This should shift the meta-game away from the M1A and towards more variety.
  • The Brutal weapon talent will be additive and be properly indicated in the UI DPS.
  • Reckless is addressed and will be working correctly.
  • The Sentry’s Call 4 piece bonus will now only work on semi-automatic weapons.
  • Overall buff to Performance Gear Mods to increase their effectiveness.
  • New Gear Sets that focus on certain weapon types. The goal is to encourage more build and playstyle diversity.
  • Increasing the armor cap to 75% to increase survivability as the damage player’s output increase. Reaching this level of armor is also much more difficult and will require you to sacrifice stats in other areas to do so.
  • Toughness will now be displayed instead of health in the UI. This is a combined number that shows the combination of your health and armor, or effective hit points.
  • Fixing Character Talent stacking to make sure it’s not possible.

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