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Ratchet & Clank Update 1.04 Addressed a Number of Bugs

Ratchet & Clank Update 1.04 Addressed a Number of Bugs

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank update 1.04 today, Insomniac Games addressed a number of bugs within the game, while also fixing an issue with the Tech Head Trophy:

Photo Mode

  • Use “No HUD” cheat with the Plasma Striker zoom


  • Big Al’s audio should now properly play


  • Tech Head – Trophy should unlock properly


  • Fixed issue where Kerwan train sequence wouldn’t start.
  • Fixed issue on Pokitaru where Big Al/Felton would not progress back to ship.
  • Fixed issue where crates would disappear at certain camera angles.
  • Fixed issue on Nebula G34 where player could not progress after boss fight.
  • Fixed issue where boost rings would sometimes disappear during hoverboard races.
  • The Bouncer now retains XP and upgrades if entitlement is lost.
  • Omega weapons now show proper v6 model at vendor.
  • Additional fixes for missing Hologuise.
  • Fixed issues where player would get stuck on Quartu (door not opening and jetpack station).
  • Fixed issues where players could get stuck when dying at the same time as boss on Quartu.
  • Fixed issue where swingshots would not appear on Veldin (at night).
  • Other various bug fixes and improvements

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