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Project CARS Update 9.0

Fixes Bugs & Adjusts Vehicles

Project CARS


  • Aston Martin GTE – Adjusted the AI suspension damper rates down to better handle curbs
  • BMW 2002 SW – Adjusted default setup for better drivability. Adjusted optimum temperatures and heating to move the optimum running temp closer to 180F. Adjusted cockpit camera position.
  • BMW 1M SW – Changed transmission to sequential, paddle shift to match the 3D model
  • BMW 2002 Turbo – Speed adjustments for player and AI for better match in the Vintage racing class.
  • Formula Renault 3.5 – Raised collision mesh and adjusted default setup for better curb behaviour. Adjusted various other setup items to make player drivability better. Upped tire temperature build-up to get the tires more in the optimum range to use more of the intended grip with the default tire pressures and setup.
  • Ford Escort, Mercedes 300SEL – Balanced the speeds better against the new BMW Stance Works car for the same class. Slight improvements in available grip through moving them into better optimum heat/grip range. AI speeds changed to match.
  • McLaren F1 GTR: Fixed an issue where parts of the car would clip through other parts when damaged.


  • Road America – New race line and corridor tweaking. The main goal was to keep the AI off the curbs so heavily, as with the massive alligator teeth here cause the stiffer car fits and lifting off the throttle.
  • Silverstone Classic – Fixed an issue that caused the game to dramatically slow down and at times crash during pitting in a multiplayer race.


  • Reworked some vintage tires to get a better average temperatures increase, resolve severe flat spotting, localized overheating and too-easy punctures which were being reported.


  • Ford Falcon – Reworked the vehicle sounds to a closer match of the real car.


  • Fanatec – Fixed CSRE second d-pad issue.
  • Thrustmaster – Fixed a crash bug when using the T500 wheel.

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