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H1Z1 New Teaser Trailers

H1Z1 New Teaser Trailers


King of the Kill will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in summer 2016. More details for Just Survive will be released in due course.

H1Z1: King of the Kill is a large-scale, fight-to-the-death shooter where every second counts. Drop into the high-intensity, arena-style grudge match and activate your inner beast mode. Gear up fast, throw together a game plan and see if you have what it takes to be the last man standing. Rack up a kill streak, or just add to the chaos – this is a spectacle, and only one can be King of the Kill. 
In H1Z1: Just Survive, the H1Z1 zombie virus has crippled civilization. Corrupted by the need to survive, gone are the comforts of society as a new normal permeates the world. You are one of the last remaining humans. Every choice matters, every moment is borrowed time and every breath could be your last. If you don’t want to join the dead – or the undead – you’ll have to be cutthroat, resourceful and alert at all times. Scavenge, craft and build to protect yourself from zombies, roaming beasts and perhaps the deadliest threat of all – fellow humans. Do you have what it takes to Just Survive?

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