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Project CARS Update 8.0 out Today

Project CARS Update 8.0 out Today on PS4 & PC

Project CARS

The new Project CARS update fixes issues with vehicles, adjusts heating on under-inflated tires, and more, as the patch notes reveal:


  • McLaren F1 GTR – adjusted cockpit exposure, fixed visual clipping issues.
  • Radical RXC Turbo – Fixed typo in statistics file. Engine now correctly displays as V6 not V8, Fixed asymmetry typo in default setup spring rates.
  • Lotus 51 – Fixed a typo giving 100 steps to rear fast rebound damper settings instead of 10. Default values were unaffected.
  • Renault Megane RS265 – Fixed typo causing asymmetry in default setup springs.
  • KTM X-Bow – Fixed clipping on the roof camera.


  • Cadwell Park – Fixed an issue where cars while on the main straight would hit the pit wall at a certain spot and be disqualified.
  • Ruapuna all layouts – updated the position of the pit exit trigger so it’s after the start line trigger. Full optimisation pass done on all the layouts to improve performance.

Physics, Tires and Setups

  • Further adjustment of heating on under-inflated tires where it was reduced as part of the discontinuity fix.
  • Fixed issues with players not being able to save setups to DLC tracks, if they started their profile with older versions of the game.


  • Fixed long standing missing functionality in Thrustmaster PS4 implementation — the ignore device gain setting was not being honoured meaning the soft lock was being applied at the master gain level instead of full gain.


  • DLC cars and tracks will now remain selected between game sessions.
  • Fixed a bug where some tracks with forced rolling starts was locking out the rolling start option after moving to a different track.


  • Extended joypad and dpad bitfields to include some extra buttons on steering wheels. Added ‘same class as player’ flag in participant info mSector field. Fixed a couple of issues with packet types 1/2 not sending at the correct rate.
You can see PC patch notes over here.

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