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DriveClub Bikes Announced for Playstation 4

DriveClub Bikes Announced for PS4, Releases Today

DriveClub Bikes

DriveClub Bikes is now available on the PlayStation Store for $14.99 as a piece of DLC for DriveClub, with the standalone version priced at $19.99.

DriveClub Bikes

A 15GB download if you get the standalone, here’s what you need to know about DriveClub Bikes:

  • Attack all 78 DRIVECLUB tracks as you race the world’s best superbikes from Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, Bimota, BMW and more!
  • Immerse yourself in authentic superbike racing: it’s easy to learn for newcomers, yet deeply nuanced for experienced riders
  • Go it alone in the offline Tour campaign with 42 events including Races, Time Trials, Skill challenges and Championship events
  • Customize your bikes and racing leathers
  • Choose from simulation or arcade camera views: first person rider, handlebar, dash, front wheel, near chase and far chase
  • Earn new Accolades and Trophies – including the prestigious DRIVECLUB Bikes Platinum Trophy
DriveClub Bikes

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