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Warframe Update on PS4 and Xbox One

Warframe Update on PS4 and Xbox One


  • NEW WARFRAME — Split between day and night, Equinox manifests aggressive and defensive forms at will.
  • PLAYER MOVEMENT OVERHAUL — Experience a complete overhaul to movement in the game. Changes include the addition of Double Jump, Bullet Jump, Wall Latch, Wall Dash and Aim Gliding.
  • ARCHWING SUBMERSIBLE — Explore new depths in the oceans of Uranus, smoothly transitioning from on-foot to submersible Archwing mode! Encounter new and deadly Grineer enemies in unique environments and enjoy various game modes including Defense, Survival, Capture, Rescue, Mobile Defense, Exterminate, and Sabotage!
  • NEW BOSS BATTLE — Tyl Regor is back and is stronger than ever. Assassinate this skilled threat amidst the oceans of Titania, Uranus!
  • NEW QUEST — Is the strange drone scanning Tenno just an upgraded piece of Corpus technology or are there more sinister things stirring in the Origin System?
  • NEW TILESET — Delve into the depths of the Grineer Ocean with a new underwater Tileset. 


  • Daily Challenges: Earn additional Standing with Teshin’s Conclave by completing Daily Challenges.
  • New Conclave Maps: Apex (Annihilation/Team Annihilation), The Spire (Capture the Cephalon) and The Pit (Annihilation/Team Annihilation) are now available!
  • Conclave Mods: Purchase 19 new Conclave Mods through Standing from Teshin.


  • Ack and Brunt: Tyl Regor’s custom axe and shield are how he likes to eliminate ‘frustrations’.
  • Grattler: Shatter your targets with explosive shells from this devastating Archwing canon.
  • Harpak: Spike enemies to the wall or reel them in with this automatic harpoon gun.
  • Kulstar: Rain hell on the enemy with this handheld cluster-rocket launcher.
  • Twin Grakatas: When one Grakata isn’t enough, bring another for extra firepower.


  • Kubrow Armor: Outfit your Kubrow with new Rostam and Valinn Decorative Armor.
  • Chesa Kubrow: Trained to retrieve valuable resources for its master.

NEW CUSTOMIZATIONS- Give your Warframe a new look with four new Capes, now available in the Market!

Izvara: The exclusive garment of Tenno chosen to protect the Orokin Council of Executors.
Nelumbo: Worn to honor the Lotus. 

Udyat: A flowing ribbon of silken fabric, crowned with a star. 
Vanquished Banner: Add insult to injury by mocking the Grineer with their own banner.
NEW UTILITY MOD SLOT- Prepping your Mod Build just got easier! The new Exilus Utility Slot frees up space by offering a place for a Utility Mod.

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