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Need for Speed Gameplay Trailer

Need for Speed Gameplay Trailer Five Ways to Play

Need for Speed

Here’s how you can earn REP through the Five Ways to Play:

  • SPEED, it’s what we all love, what we all live for and above all else it’s what we all need. Take part in Speed events such as Sprint Races and Time Attacks, cross the line first and be the fastest. Empty the nitrous tank and keep it clean to earn some major Speed REP. The fearless take the win, don’t lift off and get the SPEED REP you deserve.
  • STYLE is all about expressing yourself behind the wheel as Ventura Bay becomes the ultimate Gymkhana playground. Whether you’re putting the car sideways in drift contests or pulling off jumps and donuts, by showing your flair and precise car control you’ll soon find Style REP flowing your way. For some, STYLE is all that matters.
  • BUILD rewards you for creating your own one of a kind ride. Performance upgrades let you awaken the beast in each and every ride as you earn your REP and become a master of the mod scene in BUILD. Visually customize your car with the hottest after-market body modifications. Let your inner artist run wild with an awesome paint job, decals and bespoke wrap. While personalized handling ensures your car drives and handles exactly how you want.
  • CREW is all about coming together and driving as one. Compete in events such as Drift Train and get REP for speeding through the urban jungle with your friends in tow. Keep it razor close to the car in front for as long as you can to crush the competition. Ride, represent and win with your CREW.
  • OUTLAW is all about high stakes, risk versus reward driving and of course, messing with the cops. Smash through the city, creating havoc and getting yourself noticed for all the wrong reasons. When you’ve had your fun, put your foot down, escape the heat and drive off into the night. OUTLAWS do things their own way and live life on the edge. Go out and become notorious.
Need for Speed Releas on November 3 in North America and November 5 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Need for Speed will require an online connection.

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