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Mad Max Day One Update

Mad Max Day One Update

Here’s all the details:

The Day Zero patch for Mad Max is live. It includes a range of bug fixes and gameplay optimizations to give you the best gameplay experience possible. The following list is an overview of the included changes in Patch v 1.01.

Patch 1.01 Notes:

  • Story Missions - Enhanced Story Mission flow, dialogue, cutscenes, and languages.

  • Wasteland Missions - Enhanced Wasteland Missions flow, random encounters, and camps.
  • Stability - Save/load system and gamewide stability was improved upon.
  • GUI/HUD - Fixed some button callouts and icons that were not displaying correctly.
  • Open World - Fixed several issues with NPC assets, camera manipulation, currency gathering, vehicle combat, collision, movement, and fast traveling.
  • Animations - Multiple animations were tweaked for Max, Chumbucket, the garage, and open world assets.
  • Audio - Voice over timing was tweaked.
  • Capture Mode - Fixed camera clipping into the world issues specific to Capture Mode.
  • Leaderboards - Fixed some instances of cutoff text in the Opus Wars leaderboards.
  • Pause Menu - Tweaked several settings and options selections.
  • WBPlay - Improvements in service connectivity.

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