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F1 2015 Day One Update Details & Launch Trailer

F1 2015 Day One Update Details  & Launch Trailer

The patch (1.01) includes updated 2015 car models, handling data, the addition of the Manor Marussia F1 Team and lots more, which you can see below.

Steering wheels:

  • All 2015 cars have their proper 2015 steering wheels in the updated version. 


  • All cars have the new correct 2015 bodywork
  • Addition of the Manor F1 team
  • McLaren has had a full livery update
  • Mercedes has had a minor livery update
  • Williams sponsor changes plus minor livery change
  • Force India sponsor changes
  • Red Bull sponsor changes
  • Ferrari sponsor changes

Performance and handling characteristics for all cars have been adjusted to mirror the 2015 season so far:
  • Engine performance and power delivery characteristics have been changed
  • Aero/Drag balance has been adjusted
  • AI Driver stats have been adjusted based on their season performance
  • The AI have been trained to drive the new updated cars, with full awareness of all of the changes

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