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Street Fighter Will Come to Next Gen Console

Street Fighter Will Come to PS4 and Xbox One at Some Point, But Not Wii U

Producer Yoshinori Ono has said that Capcom will bring the popular fighting game Street Fighter to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some point, but it won’t be coming to Nintendo’s Wii U. Ouch!

When a fan asked about a next-gen version of the game on Twitter, Ono responded by saying, “Hahaha, some time or other… :P.” When another fan inquired about a Wii U version, Ono said, “I apologize that we don’t have plan for wii U.”

Capcom hasn’t revealed its next-gen plans as of yet, but back in June, rumors surfaced stating that Street Fighter V will be a pay-to-win game to attract beginners. Ono responded to the reports, clarifying that this was not the case.

The SFV news [in June] about a pay to win model is not accurate and isn’t something we’re planning for. Sorry for the confusion! We’re still in early planning stages and will share more at a later date.

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