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Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept DLC New Trailer

Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept DLC Dated, Given New Trailer

The Intercept expansion in Killzone: Shadow Fall, as Guerrilla Games has confirmed that it will release on June 25th in both North America and Europe. Intercept will be a free download to anyone owning the Season Pass, and will be sold to everyone else for an unnamed price. Later in the year (possibly August), Intercept will be sold as a standalone piece of content, meaning you can play online co-op without owning Killzone: Shadow Fall.

During Intercept, if you successfully retrieve a capacitor to your basecamp, you’ll be able to use one of these bonuses (jetpack!)
  • Full recapture – Instantly recapture all Uplink terminals in enemy hands.
  • Full resupply – Instantly restock all ammo and health.
  • Free respawn – The next respawn will not penalize the Team Score.
  • Minigun – All players receive a minigun in their loadout.
  • Mortar strike – Call in a mortar strike on the map. Remember to take cover!
  • Double damage – All players deal double damage for a limited time.
  • Turrets – Activate the dormant turret platforms located throughout the level.
  • Jetpack – All players receive a jetpack in their loadout.

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