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Xbox One's May

Xbox One's May update to add audio options for apps, chat

Participants in the Xbox One's early access program can expect a new update to arrive sometime this week, while general users will see it sometime in May. Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb's post explains that with the update, snapped apps will soon be manageable with a sound mixer found in the Settings menu, which will allow users to adjust volume levels for apps independently. The same functionality will allow users to tweak volume levels while using the Kinect for chatting.

The update will also allow users to opt into allowing their speech data to be collected, which Major Nelson states will "be used for product improvement only." Users will be able to toggle their related permission by visiting the Settings menu, selecting Privacy & Online Safety, heading into Customizing Privacy and Online Safety, and setting Share Voice Data to "Allow." The post explains that having additional voice samples for the software's algorithms would help improve the Kinect's responsiveness, but if you'd rather let Microsoft smooth the kinks out on their own, that's definitely an option as well.

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