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The Last of Us Grounded DLC Bundle Gets a Launch Trailer

The Last of Us’ Grounded DLC Bundle Gets a Launch Trailer

The third and final DLC pack for the The Last of Us will be out starting from today, and Naughty Dog has sent over the launch trailer to remind you of its contents.The new DLC will be available this week. A patch tomorrow will prepare the game for the new content.

Reclaimed Territories, at $9.99 deploys along with a new single-player difficulty level called Grounded Mode ($4.99), the Survivalist Weapon Bundle ($5.99) and two Survival Skills bundles ($3.99). All of it is free to those who subscribed to the game's season pass. Sony will stop selling the season pass after the week of May 13.

Showing off the new maps (Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, Water Tower) inReclaimed Territories and much of the other content within the Grounded Bundle, here’s a launch trailer:

Also happening tomorrow is the release of patch 1.07 for The Last of Us, which will include some multiplayer updates (full notes coming shortly before it goes live). Additionally, we should find out more information about the new trophies being added to The Last of Us, so stay tuned.

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