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PlayStation Now private beta arrives on PS4 May 20

PlayStation Now private beta arrives on PS4 May 20

Sony will brings its private beta of the game-streaming service PlayStation Now to PlayStation 4 tomorrow, May 20, the company announced today.

PlayStation users who have registered for the PlayStation Now private beta may be receiving a code for the PS4 beta soon. Sony has been running the private beta on PlayStation 3 for some time. The company said today that it also plans to expand the user base for the PS3 private beta "in the near future." Beta testers have already spent more than 50,000 hours with PlayStation Now on PS3, according to Sony.

PlayStation Now, which Sony announced during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show this past January, is a cloud-based streaming service based on Gaikai. It allows users to stream select PS3 games, including The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension, in a manner similar to the way people already stream movies, television shows and music through services such as Netflix and Spotify.

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