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Darksiders 3 teased by by former creative director

Darksiders 3 teased by by former creative director

The former creative director of the Darksiders series has indicated we may yet see a third entry into the franchise.

According to Joe Madureira, Nordic Games, who snapped up the rights to the supernatural action-adventure series following THQ’s demise, isn’t ready to retire the IP anytime soon.

Writing on Facebook, Madureira commented, (Darksiders) is not dead!!! The new owner, Nordic seems very committed to continuing the series. As far as my involvement, I can’t say at this point. Hopefully we will all have exciting news about the franchise soon!”

Nordic’s first release with the series came in the form of the Darksiders Collection, which combined both the original game and its sequel in one package. The company acquired the IP in April 2013.

Darksiders was developed by Vigil Games, who shut up shop in early 2013 resulting in much of its staff going on build the stepping stones for Crytek USA.

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