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Sony Says PS4’s DriveClub

Sony Says PS4’s DriveClub is Making "Spectacular Progress"

Sony has been keeping things quiet when it comes to its much talked about social online racing experience called DriveClub. This has been the case ever since the first launch delay was announced and now, we no longer have one of those to look forward to.
However, the developers are reportedly making “spectacular progress,” according to a recent interview for Videogamer. Apparently, crafting the game has been a process of going “from strength to strength,” despite the fact that the studio behind it has lost part of its team as has the game director, who will soon be replaced.
In regards to the game itself, information is very vague, and all we really know from this latest report is that they haven’t yet canceled it and will still be sharing progress updates in the future.
The release date is not clear, but we should see it hit shelves within the confines of 2014.

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