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PS4 zombie MMO H1Z1 "new details"

PS4 zombie MMO H1Z1 gets new details

Sony Online Entertainment recently streamed their upcoming PlayStation 4/PC survival MMO H1Z1, confirming many new features for the zombie title in the process.

It was revealed that the game was under development since January and a public Pre-Alpha build will be availabe in roughly four weeks for $20 on Steam. See below for all the details confirmed in the stream.


Crafting was shown off in the stream, mainly with the developers crafting a shed, but there were many more items. Here are all the current items you can craft seen in the crafting menu

. Saline
. First aid
. Coffee with sugar
. Shed
. Shed door
. Machete
. Storage container
. Animal trap
. Structure wall
. Dew collector
. Sharpened stick trap
. Bandage
. Sheet of metal
. Combat knife
. Pipe
. M1911A
. M16A4
. Ammo

Although guns can be crafted, Sony confirmed that they will be 'super rare.'


-The game does have wildlife in it.
-There are deer and wolves in the game. Wolves hunt deer and zombies actually attack deer and wolves in addition to the player.

Day and Night Cycle

The day and night cycle is pretty neat but nothing new when it comes to the genre. During the day it's bright but at night it's pitch black on a moonless night.


The stream actually showed off something quite amusing. One of the players was set on fire with a torch, displaying some impressive fire mechanics.


The stream showed off the Jeep which has been showed in many screenshots. The Jeep seems to handle well on and off road, though until we go hands-on, it is difficult to ascertain just how well it handles.


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