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Microsoft's working on Xbox 360 emulation

Microsoft's working on Xbox 360 emulation for Xbox One, but 'there aren't currently any plans' to make it

Xbox-related news from Microsoft's Build conference last week wasn't just relegated to Kinect for Windows, it would seem. Redmond is having a hard time bringing the Xbox 360's considerable catalog of games to the Xbox One via hardware emulation. Last week an audience member asked lead partner developer Frank Savage if there were plans to bring an Xbox 360 emulator, as spotted by Kotaku's Australia wing, to its new console. Savage said there are, but "we're not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately." He went on to say that emulating the last-gen console's PowerPC architecture on the Xbox One's x86-based platform is actually pretty hard to do. We reached out to Microsoft for confirmation and were told, as Savage said, nothing has been assembled yet. "It is super challenging to emulate two completely different architectures, and there aren't currently any plans to build this," the Redmond spokesperson said. Just like that, our dreams of playing Red Dead Redemption with the Xbox One's controller have (temporarily) been dashed.

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