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Gran Turismo 6 : Update v1.06 Coming April 7th

GT6 v1.06 Coming April 7th – Includes GPS Visualiser

GT6′s next update will be with us next week and brings with it the latest effort in blurring the lines between the game and real life – “GPS Visualiser” – demonstrated in the official video above.

The feature takes circuit driving data recorded by compatibly equipped cars – essentially anything using a GPS-enabled CANbus, though initially limited to a Toyota system – and converts it into GT6 replay data. This will allow GT gamers to race ghosts of laps set in the real world, opening up a world of real vs. simulation race possibilities.

The feature makes “Gran Turismo 6″ the first officially compatible application with the Toyota’s “Sports Drive Logger” which goes on sale from June 2nd. This tech has been in development since 2007, while GTPlanet site owner Jordan got a chance to experience an early build at Willow Springs in November 2013.

For those not into ghost-chasing, the resulting performance data can be combined with the Data Logger feature of GT6 to analyse the throttle and brake positions of the real drivers to improve your own times.

At this time it’s not known what else will be included in the v1.06 update, but we’ll bring you more news as it arrives. In the meantime

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