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Truck Driver Update 1.06

Truck Driver Update 1.06

Truck Driver

Truck Driver was released on September 19, 2019 for Playstation 4 ,Xbox One and will release later on PC.

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Here Are The Update:
  • Added a peeking feature to look left or right instantly using Dpad (controller + steering wheel) Tweaked David Sung timed missions (increased time)
  • Fixed bug where route doesn't show up on satnav in missions for Iona Funar
  • Rebalanced weather conditions (Rain occurs less often)
  • Fixed rain clipping through roof of cabin in cockpit view
  • Fixed issues with steering wheel sensitivity and force feedback
  • Fixed inaccurate speedometer in cockpit view of multiple trucks
  • Fixed headlight and high beam indicator in cockpit view
  • Fixed visual bug when driving under tunnels/bridges in top-down camera view
  • Fixed texture issues in gas stations - Fixed issue where you could get stuck in tutorial
  • You can now exit the game during character selection
  • Updated localization for certain languages

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