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Bus Simulator Update 2.11

Bus Simulator Update 2.11

Bus Simulator

PS4 (2.11)  & Xbox One (
  • Numerous stability improvements
  • Route Editor performance improvements
  • New feature: Advanced drive start settings
  • New feature: Multiplayer Rights Management for new save games
  • New feature: Added performance/quality slider if 4k video output is detected (allows improved quality settings on PS4 Pro & Xbox One X)
  • Fixed "Left behind items" couldn’t be picked-up
  • Fixed dark bus door windows at rainy days
  • Fixes on bus models
  • Fixes in passenger behavior
  • Fixes for region dependent button assignment
  • Fixes and improvements regarding bus customization
  • Numerous additional bug fixes and game improvements
  • At this point, once again a big thank you for your patience!

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