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Injustice 2 Update 1.07

Injustice 2 Update 1.07

Injustice 2

General Gameplay Fixes

  • General stability improvements
  • Many move list corrections
  • Fixed some currency/mother box exploits
  • Many improvements to the stability of King of the Hill
  • Improvements to AI logic
  • Attacks that collide with a Roll Escape’s invulnerability now act as if they have missed (previously this acted as a block)
  • Flip Stance button can no longer activate a roll when you are knocked down
  • Medium Attack and Heavy Attack can no longer activate a roll when you are knocked down with Button Shortcuts On in controller settings
  • Fixed a one frame window in which diagonals could be used for specials when performing a cancel or wakeup attack with Input Shortcuts set to Off
  • Holding directions no longer stores that direction in the buffer for dashing with Alternate Controls set to On
  • Fixed some rare occurrences of a match extension that would not cause both players to be reset to neutral
  • Fix for a one frame window that could cause a dash in the wrong direction if the opponent has just performed a teleport
  • Fixed issues with visual effects not disappearing correctly after being evaded by a projectile immune move
  • Fixed bug causing some non-projectile attacks being able to be avoided by projectile immune moves in rare circumstances
  • Improved hotfix data application to apply right after boot when available
  • There is now an Overflow Warning which notifies the player when their overflow is full
  • Added icons to show when playing with Competitive  Mode On or in Tournament Mode to the gameplay HUD
  • Improved display of Daily Challenges in the Main Menu

Following changes previously disabled in Competitive/Tournament mode are now enabled for all modes:
  • Atrocitus – additional damage added after Napalm Vomit attacks inside of a combo will now use the correct combo damage scaling
  • Bane – Mercenary’s Elbow when meter-burned will no longer do unscaled damage
  • Black Adam – Adjusted Air Boot Stomp ability to be able to cross up when an opponent was in the corner
  • Brainiac – If a Beta Strike Character Power is active when a throw escape occurs, it is destroyed
  • Captain Cold – No longer continues to gain Character Power meter if transitioned while holding Cyclotron Charge
  • Superman  Air Heat Vision follow up from Rising Grab is now a hard knockdown to prevent it from being punishable on hit in certain circumstances

Stage Specific Fixes

  • Batcave – Fixed rare issue where players could use the chain swing interaction to move outside the boundaries of the stage
  • Brainiac Ship – Drone interaction respawn timer is now 4 seconds (from 2)
  • Fortress of Solitude – Wall punch interaction cooldown is now 4 seconds (from 3)
  • Metropolis – Fixed bug that could cause the camera to move away from the fighters when valve interaction was used
  • Kahndaq – Wall punch interaction cooldown is now 4 seconds (from 3)
  • Red Sun Prison – Drone summon interaction cooldown is now 4 seconds (from 2)

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