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Titanfall 2 Update 1.09

Titanfall 2 Update 1.09

Titanfall 2

New Content (Free)

New Mode: Frontier Defense

  • Co-op 4 player mode.
  • Davis and Droz of the Last Resort faction will be guiding you through the waves. They are unique to Frontier Defense mode and your earned merits will still apply to whatever MP Faction you have selected.
  • Defend your Harvester against 5 waves of increasingly difficult enemies.
  • The Titan you pick at the start is locked for the rest of the match.
  • Earn cash for defeating enemies that you can spend in between waves to purchase tools at the Armory.
  • Choose from Easy / Regular / Hard / Master difficulty.
  • There will be an Insane difficulty as well that will exist in a separate tile as a Featured Mode.
  • New Titan Progression – ‘Aegis Ranks’
  • Earn Aegis Ranks by completing matches of Frontier Defense. Aegis Ranks can unlock powerful upgrades for your Titans, helping you succeed at higher difficulty levels. For now these Ranks will only apply to Frontier Defense.
  • 5 maps supported at launch: Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise, Blackwater Canal
  • “Classic Music” option will unlock Titanfall 1 lobby music and Frontier Defense music. [Win 10 matches of Frontier Defense to access]

New Map: Rise

  • Long sight lines and tight quarters dictate the battle in this abandoned desert reservoir. The towering, sheer walls and a system of convenient zip lines provide Pilots with means to get around quickly while Titans do battle in the long corridors below. Pilots can also set up ambushes in the guts of this complex pipeworks, while titans can lock down large sections of the battlefield at critical junctures. Tread carefully.

New Live Fire Map: Township

  • A new modular construction of a residential firefight. Cover is sparse for Pilots bold enough to leave the safety of a few houses. Windows and rooftops decide who controls the map, but dense interiors can always hold surprises.

New Content (Paid)

Elite Weapon Warpaints ($4.99 each or $24.99 for all, bundle only available until August 28)

Exclusive to Pilot weapons, these Warpaints grant the Squad Leader bonus: If you or any other player own one of these Warpaints, everyone on your team will be granted bonus XP. The effect doesn’t stack, and you don’t need to have the warpaint equipped to receive the bonus. Additionally, owners of the Warpaints will have a 10% chance of receiving a double XP token per owned weapon [up to 30%] at the end of every match:

Titan Warpaints ($4.99 each or $24.99 for all, only available until August 28)

Grants bonus Aegis XP to you and your teammates at the completion of a Frontier Defense match when this skin is equipped. This boost will be increased with each team member that also has the warpaint meaning you can earn up to 4x Aegis XP bonus. Warpaint also includes an additional shoulder arm plate with scaling iconography based on hardest Frontier Defense difficulty completed with that titan. The Warpaint also grants a special call sign with scaling iconography based on the hardest Frontier Defense difficulty completed with that titan.

Game Improvements

  • Added more out of bounds triggers to Complex.
  • New stats page for maps, including tracking of Frontier Defense difficulty levels.
  • Visual improvements for Weapon and Titan stats pages.

Game Mode Adjustments

  • Various improvements to the UI for Private Match, including increased visibility of text chat on PC.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with purchasable Nose Arts not showing up correctly on Titans.
  • Spectators in Marked for Death can no longer be marked for death.
  • (Xbox One) Buttons and pod doors in War Games intro sequence now play at the correct volume.
  • Titan Nose Arts flagged as Advocate Gift unlocks may now actually be awarded when opening Advocate Gifts.

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