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Steep Update 1.04

Steep Update 1.04


New Features

  • Welcome Dashboard – Displays the most important in-game news and suggests content for players’ current game session.
  • Live Page – Provides more info on the Steep World Tour and current series going on, as well as which Community Challenges are available to play.
  • Steep World Tour – A recurring competitive tournament open to all Steep players. Check out the Live Page for more details, including tournament phase and ranking information.
  • Community Challenges – Challenges made by the Community, for the Community! Selected trail challenges created by the community will be highlighted and made available to all players as a Community Challenge to beat. Look for them in the new Live Page!
  • New Customization Items – Shhh… they’re a surprise! More will be revealed in due time.
  • Director Mode – Provides more freedom and Replay Mode options (such as camera types and ambiance) for players to get even more creative in their replay videos.
  • Hide HUD – And last but not least (and because you asked for it!)… You now have the option to hide the HUD while riding or creating replay videos. You can toggle the HUD display by going into OPTIONS -> VIDEO.


  • G-force System – We’ve improved the G-force system to make its function clearer and more accurate. Some riders expressed confusion concerning how/why they would fall while riding. The biggest hits will now activate the black-and-white dizziness state rather than triggering a fall, as was previously the case. The next hit, however, will trigger a fall.
  • New Jump Behavior – The jumping system has been improved in order to make jumping more accurate. We noticed that certain complex logical sequences sometimes prevented players from being able to jump. This is no longer the case: when pressing the jump button, riders now actually jump!
  • Character Barks are heard less often, as requested by the community.
  • Mountain View Display has been improved. Now, only activities from the highlighted region appear, as requested by the community.
  • Music Track no longer changes when retrying a challenge. Instead, the same track is played again, as requested by players.
  • Display of Players’ Icons has been improved with increased visibility.
  • Challenge Ghosts are now tracked more efficiently in order to better monitor challenges for potential cheating.

Bug Fixes

  • Players remain visible at more than 1000 meters.
  • Some crashes occur.
  • Players remain stuck on small hills while trying to ride forward.
  • Riders spawn into a rock after teleporting to Butterfly Challenge.
  • Memorable Moment “1st Daily”, “1st Weekly”, and “1st All Time” needed for 100% completion of the game.
  • First snowboard push-off is stronger than skiing (not intended behavior). Fixed per community request.
  • “NEW” message appears on several already completed Challenges, Mountain Stories, and Legendary Quests.
  • The score displayed on the challenge panel is not the one from the ghost played.
  • The subtitles of the ‘Winter Wonderland’ Mountain Story inaccurately refers to the “Atacma” desert instead of the correct “Atacama”.
  • The Friends Leaderboard displays inconsistent ranking information when you have less than 3 friends.
  • Info Panel score resets to its default setting when joining a group, even though the player has already completed the challenge.
  • The character will remain in a standing position when the installation of the game is completed during a ride.

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