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Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.4

Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.4 

Farming Simulator 17


  • Game freezes/stutters when time is speed up and growth is fast
  • Online Radio Streams: Game crashes, when a title with a special character is shown
  • Game stutters during any mission on field 5
  • When the conveyor belt picks up unfermented silage at the BGA, the game freezes
  • When creating a character, certain words are censored (e.g. apple ->a#!*e, Kilian -> K#!ian)
  • Traffic doesn’t continue when you fell a tree in front of a car and remove it

Vehicle Behavior

  • Acceleration and Braking is very jerky. Vehicles suddenly speed up
  • Vehicles wobble when connected to the Veenhuis Premium Integral
  • MF 7700, bad driveability
  • NH 900fsi: Forage Harvester shakes when being folded and in transport mode when lowered onto chassis
  • TAM Leguan 24: Drifts when PowerStream 700 lies on it
  • Quadtrac/NH T9: Wrong steering, rear end steers. Compare with MT 900


  • Main menu, music can not be switched off
  • Finance: “Other” is used when buying fertilizer instead of “fertilizer”
  • “Select seed” not visible in the menu at Tractor + Weight + Seeder
  • Operating costs Building shows -1 even without placed objects
  • Missions are counted incorrectly in the statistics (1 made, 2 were displayed)


  • Terra Felis has a permanent white plane in MP
  • Chatting in MP turns off the engine


  • Start Sound (all machines) is drowned by the idle sound when the engine is started (or rather: both sounds are active at the same time)

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