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Steep Update 1.03

Steep Update 1.03


Here’s the improvements made:
  • If you ever struggled to perform tricks on skis or snowboard, this should definitely make things easier for you!
  • From now on, you can pre-select your next rotation before releasing your jump. Just push the left stick forward toward a specific direction, release your jump and your rotation will instantly be triggered.
  • Also, you can now combine turns and rotations more smoothly. Try to trigger tricks as you turn or switch and you’ll really feel the difference!
  • If you still appreciate calculating timing and using additional stick inputs, don’t worry, nothing has changed for you.
  • We hope you’ll enjoy these tricks improvements and look forward to hearing your feedback soon!

PC only

  • Added Ultra+ environment quality
  • Added the notification when a gamepad is connected or disconnected
  • Added Steam Controller feedback

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: [PC, PS4 Pro] Ghosts stuttering at 60 FPS 
  • Fixed: [PC] Friends removed via Uplay are still visible in the contact list
  • Fixed: [PC] Framerate drop when using ragdoll in the wingsuit with equipped smoke flare
  • Fixed: [PC] Framerate drop in the customization menu
  • Fixed: [PC] Loss of functionality when unplugging and plugging in again a gamepad on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
  • Fixed: [PC] Incorrect refresh rate order in the display options
  • Fixed: [PC] Crash when equipped with two video cards from different vendors
  • Fixed: [PC] Several crashes

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