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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Update 1.18

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Update 1.18

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Here’s the full list of patch notes:

Survival Mode

  • Our new cooperative and solo mode will put your skills to the test as you take on 50 increasingly challenging waves, featuring unique objective scenarios, swarms of powerful enemies, and intense boss battles. As you make your way toward level 50, you’ll earn XP in Survival’s dedicated progression system and unlock unique rewards.

King of the Hill

  • Alongside Survival, we’re spicing things up in competitive Multiplayer with King of the Hill – an all new addition to our Beta Test Playlist. Capture the hill and defend it for as long as you can. Defending team doesn’t respawn until the hill is taken by the enemy team or you and your teammates are wiped out!

New DLC Content

  • Two New Maps: Prison, Train Wreck (Flashback map)
  • Five Flashback Weapons: M4 Assault Rifle, PAK-80 Light Machine Gun, Micro 9mm automatic pistol, Para 9 pistol, Desert 5 pistol (Heavy Weapon)
  • Classic Uncharted 2 & 3 music added to in-game & menus
  • 48 Character Skins
  • 40 Vanity items
  • 10 Taunts
  • 25 new color options for every skin!
  • 10 new levels (81 – 90 for competitive), with two new vanity unlocks
  • 12 New Co-op Trophies
  • New Challenges for new items & Survival challenges
  • You can now set your challenge preference to Multiplayer, Survival, or a mix of both
  • Separate MP and SP executables, the game will now load you into the last section you were playing

Economy 2.0

Permanent Price Reductions

  • Vanity DLC chest price reduced from 2000 to 300 Relics
  • Premium Vanity DLC chest price reduced from 3000 to 1500 Relics
  • Gameplay DLC chest price reduced from 3000 to 2500 Relics
  • All Uncharted Point prices reduced to Summer Sale levels (25 – 40% off)

VIP Bonus

  • Purchasing any Uncharted Points pack now awards VIP status, which gives you a permanent 20% bonus to all Relics earned from challenges within Uncharted 4
  • Anyone who previously purchased an Uncharted Points pack will also have VIP status
  • Any Uncharted Points pack over 300UP now comes with a set of one-use Relic Boosters: Relic Boosters give you a 300% increase to the Relics earned from completing a Multiplayer match, plus a stacking shared bonus, which all players in the match receive
  • The more players activate a booster in a match, the bigger the reward for everyone!
  • Chests are now purchasable with Uncharted Points
  • Chest prices are less than purchasing the items they drop individually
  • All Multiplayer matches now award 15 Relics regardless of win or loss

Balance and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with not loading into games properly
  • Saviors no longer stand idle while their owner is being choked by a Hunter
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to activate some Mysticals after purchasing while dead
  • Plunder spawn weight adjustments
  • Team colors now appear properly for all clients in a Private Match
  • Fixed the Radar image for Village
  • Fixed Radar when spectating a teammate
  • Fixed an issue with sounds persisting after a game has finished
  • Fixed an exploit on the level Auction

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